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From: Physical Review A []  
Subject: To_author AQ8914 Moroz 
Sent: 16.03.2004 22:55 
Importance: Normal 

Re: AQ8914
    Recursive transfer-matrix solution for a dipole radiating inside
    and outside a stratified sphere
    by Alexander Moroz

Dear Dr. Moroz,

This regards your manuscript referenced above, which you submitted on
3 March for possible publication in this Journal.

We examined your manuscript and also showed it to editors of Physical
Review B and Physical Review E, concluding that the paper is not suited
for publication in The Physical Review.

We make no judgment on the correctness or technical aspects of your
work. However, from our understanding of the paper's physics results,
context, and motivation, we conclude that your paper does not have the
importance and broad interest needed for publication in our journals.
This judgment results in part from our reading of the abstract,
introduction, and conclusions, which are crucial for our readership. In
view of our assessment, we are not sending your manuscript out for
review. We regret that we must suggest that you submit the manuscript to
a more appropriate journal.

Yours sincerely,

Bernd Crasemann
Physical Review A
Fax: 631-591-4141