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My Scientific Publications

Optical singularities and plasmonic properties of individual metal nanoparticles

Publications on basic quantum-optics models

Publications on modified fluorescence, decay rates of emitters, and directivity of antennas in the presence of simple (metal) nanoparticle

Publications on synthetic dimensions

Publications on optical tweezers

Publications on exponentially convergent lattice sums and on general aspects of diffraction and scattering of classical and quantum waves off periodic structures

Publications on metallic, metallo-dielectric, and purely dielectric photonic crystals, and metamaterials

Publications on scattering in the Aharonov-Bohm potential

(Including persistent currents, the Hall effect, calculation of the 2nd virial coefficient for interacting anyons, and cosmic strings. The results appear to also be relevant to some issues involving graphene.)

Publications on asymptotic expansions and their summability - has been highlighted by Wikipedia

Various subject: coupled waveguides, BEC, the Hofstadter problem, etc.

Conference proceeding contributions

Book reviews

[ My freely available electromagnetic, photonic crystals, plasmonic and (nano)photonics F77 computer codes ]

[ Elementary properties of localized surface plasmon resonances ]

[ Refreshing some of plasmonic headlines ]

[ Photonic Crystals Headlines 25 Years Old, at Least ... | An Early History of Acoustic and Photonic Crystals ]

[ Selected Links on Photonics, Photonic Crystals, Numerical Codes, Free Software ]

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